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Terms Of Service

  1. These Terms of Service form a binding agreement between you the member, and Hit Bandit. Acceptance of membership and/or maintaining a subscription for services implies consent to this agreement, as well as future updates, alterations or changes to this agreement. Any member violating these Terms of Service may have their account terminated, and/or lose any account balances. The Hit Bandit administrator's decision on interpretation and applicability of these Terms of Service is final.
  2. Hit Bandit has links to outside sites and is not responsible for content on these sites. Use caution when entering any information into sites! Hit Bandit is not responsible for any lost credits, or any damages, loss of data, or other problems associated with using our services. Due to the nature of the internet and the service being offered, Hit Bandit cannot verify advertised claims. Users of Hit Bandit should use caution before entering information or paying for services advertised. Be sure to visit your local Better Business Bureau, and other consumer awareness organizations before you invest any amount of money! You join any program at your own risk.
  3. Only one Hit Bandit account is allowed per person.
  4. SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) will not be tolerated in any way. Formal complaints of SPAM/UCE are handled as top priority - SPAM/UCE complaints against you may result in the termination of your Hit Bandit account. Legal action may be pursued by Hit Bandit for any loss or damages incurred due to SPAM/UCE complaints against you.
  5. Hit Bandit will not give out your personal information, although your user name may be published with regard to promotions and contests. If you agree to using your own name on Hit Bandit's promotional pages, or upload a photo of yourself for use on the promotional pages, your name and/or photo along with your membership level (for paying members) will be published on the promotional pages.
  6. All advertizing materials (sites, banners and text ads) submitted by you to Hit Bandit must not contain, or link to, content which is considered pornographic, hateful, discriminatory, or misleading in any way, and must be primarily in English. In addition, sites must not produce pop-ups, pop-unders, fly-in ads, etc., must not close the surfing frames, and must not redirect or forward outside of the original domain. Furthermore, any site, banner, text ad, or message may be disallowed for technical, operational, or graphical reasons.
  7. You agree to keep your e-mail address updated, and not connect this to an autoresponder. Bouncing e-mails or autoresponders may lead to account termination. You also agree to receive discount offers, promotions and informative updates from Hit Bandit, unless you specifically unsubscribe. To keep your account active, you need to login at least once every 45 days. Inactive accounts may be deleted, and/or have any unused credits, impressions, points or cash removed.
  8. Upgraded members will be charged on a regular basis, once per calendar month or once per six calendar months. Failed payments will be retried twice, firstly after 3 days, and if this still fails once more after a further 5 days. If after this time a payment is still not successful, the account will be terminated. Refunds are not given on any purchase for any reason.
  9. A member may not artificially inflate traffic counts, account balances, or click counters using any device, program robot or other means. Hit Bandit will immediately terminate, without obligation to redeem outstanding credit balances, the membership of any member that does not comply with all terms of this agreement, provides inaccurate or dishonest information for fraudulent purposes, or is found promoting Hit Bandit in violation of the CAN-SPAM Laws. No credits or other account balances may be redeemed after an account is terminated or deleted, regardless of the reason. Unclaimed payments will be cancelled after 7 days.