Raiding Bandits

As member of Hit Bandit, you can win cash surfing other Traffic Exchanges during a Raid!!!
Just surf the hosting TE during the Raid and when you find the special claim page, submit your Hit Bandit user name.
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Previous Winners
Traffic Surfers:
krmrao1in won $9.00
Traffic Crypt:
cashreg20052 won $10.00
Mysterious Scotland Traffic:
Referrer of ranie won $2.50
Full Throttle TE:
Referrer of detar262 won $1.25
Alexa Ranking
When a Raid is running, you can claim tickets on the claim page.
Raids scheduled:
Fortunes Trafficstarts July 3, 4 pm UTC
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TE Owner
 Owner : Eva

Fortunes Traffic
8 x Gold Prize: $1 cash
1 x 1.00
2 x .50
Popular Past Raids
189 users claimed 1349 tickets
ended September 11, 2011

Dark Hits Exchange:
125 users claimed 1439 tickets
ended August 11, 2013
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